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Why Stone Ox Services Best Carpet Cleaning Services Near Me?

The Stone Ox Services is the best carpet cleaning company in Delhi . We are available to help and work for clients around-the-clock. Our major goal is to satisfy customers while providing the finest service possible. We have a competent workforce that is knowledgeable about the service we are providing.

One of the most utilized objects in a home is the carpet & rug, yet because to our hectic daily schedules, we seldom have time to clean it. the stone ox service However, if carpet isn’t cleaned often, it may collect a lot of dust, which attracts dust mites and pathogens.

How Stone Ox Service is the Best Carpet Cleaning Services Near By You Works

Regular vacuuming is insufficient since your carpet sometimes requires extensive cleaning. As a consequence, you must work with a carpet cleaning & rug cleaning business to give your carpet a thorough cleaning. Stone Ox cleaners utilize the necessary chemicals for cleaning various kinds of carpets ang rug without harming the fabric. To offices, hotels, hospitals, industries, schools, corporate s, malls, and facility firms, we provide carpet shampooing, rug cleaning, and carpet cleaning services. Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, institutional carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, carpet tile cleaning, parquet carpet cleaning, cut-pile carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, hardwood cleaning are all examples of carpet cleaning services. The Stone Ox Cleaning Services staff is committed to giving you the best possible customer service.
If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning services near me, Stone Ox Services is the best option. We offer Doorstep service in Delhi NCR. Our staff employed foreign liquid to provide consistently better outcomes to our clients and offer these services of the highest caliber at competitive prices. Using a vacuum cleaner to dry-vacuum the carpet will eliminate dust. carpet wet shampooing using solutions of the highest caliber stone decent service. removing contaminated water from carpet via wet vacuuming. Only reputable brands are used by us for cleaning.


Carpet size Price
70 -150 sq. ft 9 Rs. per sq.ft
150 – 250 sq. ft 8 Rs. per sq.ft
250 – 500 sq. ft 7 Rs/- per sq.ft
500 -1000 sq. ft 6 Rs/- per sq.ft
1000 -2000 sq. ft 5 Rs/- per sq.ft
2000-5000 sq. ft 4 Rs/- per sq.ft
5000-10000sq.ft 3 Rs/- per sq.ft

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