Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Stone Ox Services

These are the Terms and Conditions that our Stone Ox Services best car detailing company has developed to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and provide them with exceptional service. The company serves the entire city of Delhi, NCR, and each customer receives personalized service. The purpose of this company presentation, as described on the website. It is simply to state our motives and the implications of your consideration. There are some rules and regulations that you need to follow when getting your vehicle washed and reconditioned. The company strives to provide the best service with the help of its effective and hardworking staff:

1.The customer is responsible for ensuring that no expensive items or papers are left unattended in the car while our team washes your vehicle.
2. The water and energy needed for the car wash will be provided by the customer.
3. After the first wash, the customer must pay the selected fee in advance by check, online credit card payment or cash.
4. a payment is final as soon as it is made.

5. All information provided during registration is accurate and current and may not be used to impersonate anyone else. You must not engage in any illegal activity while using our website and you must not break any laws.

(6) Acceptance of your confirmed order and all fees is a condition of providing all of our services. We reserve the right to refuse your order without giving any reason. In order to better meet our needs, we reserve the right to change any aspect or element of the website at any time.
5. customers are obliged to supply water.

In Delhi NCR, our services are available anytime and anywhere.
So if you want to avail our services, please contact us.

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